My Story

To the present day

When I left school I was meant to do business studies, but I somehow snuck into theatre instead.

Whilst selling crisps for that famous company, I set up my first theatre company. In the midst of this, I got my first professional acting gig, promptly lost my voice within two days and then decided I had better learn the craft of acting.

Three years at drama school later, I became an actor and gigged around for a year. During this time I met Deon, Kate, Annalea and Jane. Let’s just say an interesting director pushed us to create our own theatre company, “Abandon Theatre”. We went on to perform shows at Edinburgh, including “Sweet Love Adieu” and the sketch show “Swollen and Twisted”.

I have always had fun with improvisation – a key business skill that I have helped others to develop over the years. Just recently I have performed impro with “The Banana Bunch”, with “Bananas on The Run” just off the West End in Autumn 2018. Earlier days with Abandon Theatre saw the co-creation of our first improvisation show, “Your Line or Mine?”.

Abandon Theatre did tours across the UK, with residency and productions in various London fringe theatres. My more serious side got played in my co-written show “Connected”, at The White Bear in London. During this time I also directed for other companies.

I then felt the fear: I should be running a “proper” business not this theatre thing. Over the subsequent ten years we created “Abandon Learning”, “Pitch Perfect” and then “Pitch Perfect Club” – three businesses variously developing and focusing on interactive workshops, stress management workshops, leadership programmes, and ultimately leadership presence coaching. Two of those businesses failed; the aims, integrity and level of work were never in doubt, but somehow the business models did not translate in reality. I honestly believe now it was because I was not living my true purpose, which is – I can now see so clearly – what must drive us all and our work.

So all this has led me to here (  star if you have read this much!).

MC Performer Speaker Mentor, with my business “Truth Works”. This feels right and it is my purpose.


Want an exceptional MC for your event? Or a comedy performer who can create something unique for your event? Or want to be the best version of you?

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