Your event needs:

  • To be memorable
  • To have exciting and relevant content which is linked to your speakers and panels
  • To engage all your attendees and motivate them to speak about your event with their clients and friends
  • To make a positive impact for everyone involved
  • Good timekeeping and punctuality
  • To be fun for all
  • To make you feel it’s the best it can be


To guarantee all of the above, you get one of the most vital elements, an expert in hosting an event: a professional MC.

 (No offence to Rob in marketing – he may be the fun one in the office, but his strength is marketing, not MCing events for over 20 years!!)

Here is what I as your MC will do so that you get the above results and more!


  • Talk with you – This will help me understand what exactly you are looking to achieve, any challenges, etc and whar should be the overall feel of the event for you. We will also talk about timings, what is realistic, etc
  • Have a conversation with every presenter, speaker and panellist – This will help me get them and them to know me. On stage this will ensure that I know what they need to be their brilliant self.
  • Have a conversation with the Tech Team and visit the venue – so I know what to expect and what is expected and I can make sure we have everything covered

On the day

  • I am the “go to” person!
  • I will make sure that the event runs on time, the audience is engaged throughout (I do this in various ways: getting everyone moving, laughing, playing (yes playing). An enganged audience is far more likely to pay attention to the next speaker.
  • I will introduce the speakers, make sure we have breaks, hosts panels discussion, hand out awards, etc
  • I will make your event is fun and effective to make sure you feel it’s successful

About Emma

I have been MCing for over 20 years. From the European Women in Sales Awards (1000 people) to MCing a global virtual event for a large tech firm and from hosting a “new induction week” for Deloitte to hosting entrepreneurial events.

I am uniquely positioned to bring business and comedy together.

I will make your event truly magical, memorable and exactly how you want it to be.

With my twenty+ years of improvising, you will have someone on your team who will be able to make sure that no one will notice if anything does go wrong. (Plenty of stories to share, just ask… )

Still unsure you need me as your MC?

Here are a few things others have said about me:

But rather than read what I do, why not watch the video for yourself and see what you think?


Want an exceptional MC for your event? Or a comedy performer who can create something unique for your event? Or want to be the best version of you?

Then get in touch. I love to chat!

Me MCing!

A short video of me in action!

Organisations need to rouse their employees and guests. People want their event to be a huge success. I get it. Moreover, I want to create the setting where the speakers can be their best. MCing is a craft and one that I have been mastering for over fifteen years. The sign of a good MC is that everything happens on time and the audience’s expectations are not only met, but exceeded. The speakers have been enabled to perform and engage with a receptive audience, and the organisers are exhilarated by the success of their event. My love of bringing together comedy and my business experience shines through, to help create events and award ceremonies that are brilliant and seamless, as well as stress-free for the organiser.

But rather than read what I do, why not watch the video for yourself and see what you think?