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When you are hosting an online event, you want it to be a success.

You want people buzzing about what they’ve just experienced.

You want your delegates and your team to be excited and inspired, whether it’s a big global event for your internal staff or open to your customers, key stakeholders and people you want to impress, the anticipated outcome is the same. 

And in this new way of ‘home working’, an audience’s attention and enjoyment can be harder to guarantee.

One way to ensure success is to have an MC that can bring your event to life.

Emma Stroud is that MC with a bonus for you…

She will pull together your speakers, make sure everyone is engaged and she will add something completely unique: a 20-minute comedy set.

The set will be written specifically for your event, inspired by your audience and team members.

It will include company-specific content and a well-known song that has been adapted for you giving you all some fun and an energy boost!

Regardless of where they’re watching in the world, your audience will find themselves singing along with lyrics that are pertinent to your business/clients

About Emma

Emma has been working as a global MC delivering talks to audiences for over 20 years.

In that time, she has been a sought-after speaker, comic performer, improviser and clown, working on the West End in London and all across the UK.

This expertise makes her uniquely positioned to offer this service.

She is also a successful entrepreneur and has worked with countless CEOs and global businesses, helping them develop and deliver their stories.

This diverse knowledge of both business and comedy allows Emma an insight into your event. She will quickly understand what makes people proud to work for you and will make the comedy pertinent regardless of where your team is in the world.

Most recently Emma delivered an online internal event as MC with a comedy set to over 1500 attendees. The event was a huge success.


Emma facilitated two virtual all-company sessions, injecting her energy and humour to lift the events to a whole new level. Our team loved her, and they say it best – in their own words:

How it works

In-house company event:

To deliver a great set you need to understand what makes people proud to work for you.

In order to understand this Emma will talk with the event organiser to ascertain why you’re hosting it.

She will require any videos that you have about your organisation to help her gain an understanding of your culture
Simultaneously she will send 5 simple questions to your leadership team which she will follow up with a max. 15-minute call.

Emma will also need to talk with any external speakers.

A rehearsal will be required on your system with your technical team – the details of this are dependent on how you plan to broadcast/ stream the event.

External event with attendees from different companies

Emma will need access to the heart of the conference, for example for a Global HR conference she will need to speak to the organisers and influencers to understand ‘why’ using five key questions and create a set that is unique to your audience. 

She will also need to talk with your speakers to ensure correct and effective introductions.

Investment for this bespoke product to include one day of MC plus 20-minute comedy set starts at £10k plus VAT. 

Additional days of MC involvement are £5k plus VAT.


Want an exceptional MC for your event? Or a comedy performer who can create something unique for your event? Or want to be the best version of you?

Then get in touch. I love to chat!

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